An introduction to ¡°Diamond¡± and ¡°Yong Di¡± Brand series of
products.Since being established in 1989, our products have
found great market acceptance by the majority of users;
showing good sales in both domestic and international markets.
The production facilities of our factory have been constantly
updated to reflect the ever-changing current advances in technology. By using the most modern equipment, we are able to focus our efforts to improve product quality; Provide our customers with the best
products; and, through our Research and Development Department, develop new products.
We own the ¡°Diamond¡± and ¡°Yong Di¡± brand series of swimming goggle products. Our products are designed for use in shallow water, while snorkeling, skin-diving, and also for users that may suffer from myopia (near-sightedness).
Our series of products: Anti-fog goggles; Anti-fog myopia goggles (made using a ¡®bulletproof glass¡¯ quality combined plastic/silica gel material); Regular diving goggles; Regular swimming goggles;
Environmental protection diving goggles (made using a soft glue material combined with silica gel that meets International Environmental Protection Standards requirement).
We also manufacture other high quality swimming and water sports related products such as: swimming caps; ¡®flippers¡¯ for feet and hands; snorkels; nose-clips; earplugs and other items.
We have more than 100 excellent quality, competitively priced, and practical series of products of novel design and varying price levels that have been received with acclaim since their introduction.
We insist on professional management, and focus development on product quality and ¡®brand¡¯ promotion. Our most important management philosophy is ¡°The customer is always first¡±.
After-sales service is another aspect of our management idea on which we place great emphasis.
All of these have created client and customer loyalty in our ¡°Diamond¡± and ¡°Yong Di¡± Brand series of products.
We welcome both domestic and international merchants to personally visit our firm. Should your company have special needs-we can certainly consult with you on those needs and accommodate them.
Together, with our efforts firmly directed at a mutually prosperous future, we can develop even better products while strengthening business ties.

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